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Digital Storytelling as Instigating Hope

Instructions from Martha in the digital storytelling track today: Start creating your own designed meaning. I signed up for the digital storytelling track at DigPed hoping for the space to make some meaning of nearly two decades of digital storytelling work. This has included teaching students in media and communication at Muhlenberg College, Allentown teenagers…

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Diving into Digital Storytelling

This week, I am participating in the Digital Storytelling track at DigPed Lab 2018 in Fredricksburg, VA, taught by the amazing @mburtis. Working collaboratively with @ReidRiggle, my goals for this workshop include the establishment of a Full Spectrum Learning website. (check), reviving my blogging habits (check – kind of), and develop a SHORT story to …

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Community-based Digital Storytelling

Yes to questions of when *not* to participate in community digital storytelling, what kind of story, to what extent is participation equitable and inclusive? I was pleased to share our #DHSI18 #CritPrax project with Chris Friend ( ) and my Detroit-based pedagogical work with folx at this afternoon’s #DigPed workshop led by Anqi Shen. Looking forward …

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Remembering 1968

Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash
Campus life in 1968 was a micro version of life in the United States–protests, radical speakers, rattled administrators and trustees. Yes, Muhlenberg College students shook off their quiet conservatism to s…

Digital Storytelling Day 1

  As I’m writing this at the end of the day, I’m pleasantly tired after two days at DigiPed and my brain is a little fuzzy, so the takeaway I’m describing here isn’t earthshattering. In trying to think about what I’ve learned, I think the biggest takeaway so far is the huge number of digital […]