My name is Aidan Morrison, and digital storytelling has always been something of a side interest. The idea of using media and technology to tell a story whether it be about a person or a place or even a fictional story in

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Storytelling Class Ideas

Questions to Explore1. What are the benefits of the oral tradition of storytelling and how can those be applied in the digital age?2. What is the role of imagination in the stories we tell about ourselves and others?3. How does person perception differ…

After a Week in China

This is a retelling of the story I told the first day in Digital Storytelling.I first wrote it out long form, looking to create a bit more structure and a clear ending. After reading it aloud a few times to myself, I recorded it directly into GarageBan…

Digital Storytelling as Instigating Hope

Instructions from Martha in the digital storytelling track today: Start creating your own designed meaning. I signed up for the digital storytelling track at DigPed hoping for the space to make some meaning of nearly two decades of digital storytelling work. This has included teaching students in media and communication at Muhlenberg College, Allentown teenagers…

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Day 1 of Digital Storytelling

Before an event happens, I always try not to imagine what it will be like, for fear that things will not be as exciting as anticipated. To be honest, I was nervous about attending, for fear of not fitting in with those involved in higher education. Luc…